Maetro Oil International

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Maetro oil international is a dealer of major types of vegetable oil ranging from palm oil,sunflower oil,canola oil,rape seed oil and lots more. We are affilated to oil producing factories all over the world and we have a very large network .

The oil that we produce are of international standards accredited by the EU and US regulatory bodies.
Due to the large network that we have,we offer competitive prices that are market friendly and penetrating.

Due to the false orders flocking the internet,we request for ICPO or LOI BCL or soft probe Authorization before we continue with transaction.We would not deal with orders without the above documents.

Our prices are CIF ASWP and for that reason we find it hard to accomodate little quantities as orders.The standard Minimum Quantity we deal with is 12 500MT but due to the interest of our clients that we have at heart we have been able to accomodate little quantities within the range of 5 000MT.

We have a special package for our clients with little orders,our shipping company will help in the delivery of the oil to them.It might be more expensive compared to those ordering large quantity.

We also offer samples for clients that need them,they come in 1 liter containers and they are free but client would be responsible for freight cost which has to be shipped via our accredited courier company.

We are world class and we wait for your contact.